Do you want to Change the Way You Feel?

I’m proud to be accepted and able to offer the ‘Wellness Without Limits’ Programmes. These are affordable, simple and effective ways to improve and maintain your health, vitality and ultimately change the way you feel.

If you feel unwell then feel better, if you feel good then feel great!

There are several Programmes to choose from depending on your needs:

Back to Health

Stress Reduction

Healthy Heart

Healthy Brain

Healthy Joints

Weight Loss


Back to Health – (Correct deficiency states, become more active, improve cellular function, reach optimum health). Whether you have a diagnosed condition or not, the purpose of Back to Health is to give your body a ‘new set point’ so, at the end of the programme, you will have better blood flow and have off-loaded some harmful chemicals from your body. It’s a way to regain your health, vitality and ‘change the way you feel!’

Stress Reduction – (High Blood Pressure, Poor Immune System, Depression, Headaches, IBS, Anxiety/Panic Attacks). This programme is an approach to helping the body slow down and achieve a parasympathetic balance in life, calm down the nerves and unwind your body. During this time, nutritional therapy to help with those who have exhausted their adrenal glands and a strong focus on light therapy to help recharge the body’s nervous system, and whole body relaxation.

Healthy Heart – (Angina pectoris, Bypass surgery, High blood pressure, High cholesterol, Heart attacks, Coronary Artery disease, Reynold’s). This programme helps to deliver more blood flow to the body overall, with very specific focus on the heart. It is designed to achieve a reduction in inflammation and free radical damage to the arteries, a reduction in cholesterol plaque build up, a reduction in pressure against the blood vessels and a focus on energy and nutrition to the heart, leading to stronger heart muscle functioning and improved overall blood flow.

Healthy Brain – (Healthy brain, Parkinson’s, Stroke, Cerebral palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Autism, Motor Neurone disease). This programme helps to deliver more blood flow to the general body, with a very specific focus on the brain to achieve reduction in inflammation in the brain, enhancement of detoxification and antioxidant protection in the brain, focused energy to the brain and specific nutrient support to the brain.

Healthy Joints – (Sprains/strains, Rheumatoid & Osteoarthritis, Chronic pain, Fibromyalgia, Carpel tunnel, Post surgery, Fracture). Like the other programmes the Healthy joints programme helps deliver more blood flow to the body overall, but with a specific focus on the joints and soft tissue. Pain and inflammation are normal consequences that can occur following injury, so the goals of this programme are to help injured tissue or joints, reduce pain and inflammation and, most importantly, to enhance repair and regeneration

Weight Loss – (Overweight, excess fat, poor metabolism, heart disease, Diabetes, fatigue). We are living in an overfed and reduced state – eating too much, and in some cases, counteracting our over consumption with too many antioxidants. We may have lost the ability to properly oxidise fats and other tissues in our bodies. Oxidation is essential to metabolic processes, particularly with metabolism of fat and supporting optimal thyroid function. The Weight Loss programme begins with supporting the metabolic processes of the body and is one of the few in the world that achieves healthy weight loss – it’s all about getting rid of the ‘chemically toxic fat cells’. In a safe approach we begin to mobilise the deep fatty tissue that often stores harmful chemical toxins, and as this process begins, our bodies begin losing the fat and the chemicals forever, and the weight goes down.


How do the Programmes work?

While we can’t reverse aging we can reverse some of the factors which affect it. Diet, lifestyle and the accumulation of chemicals within our bodies are major contributors to the progression of chronic disease.

The Wellness without Limits Programmes don’t require you to start going to the gym 3 times a week and demand that you completely alter your lifestyles and diets – we recognise that, for the majority of people, this is unrealistic.

What the Programmes do is to provide your body with extra cellular energy, increase blood flow and remove harmful chemicals from your body, while supporting this with simple to adopt lifestyle and diet recommendations (such as eat slowly, keep hydrated, reduce sugars, eat more fruit and veg, manage your sleep habits) and correcting nutritional deficiency states.

The Programmes all involve a combination of

(1) nutritional therapy using ‘Cellogie’ – plant based whole food supplements to promote better blood flow and help metabolise and clear out toxins. 

(2) passive workout using heat to increase blood flow and detoxify the body, either with Peat hyperthermia therapy or the Infra-red sauna.

(3) if there are some extra concerns or the need to speed up healing to certain areas Low Level Light Therapy can be added.


Interested? What do you need to do…

Be prepared to commit some time each week (you choose when – and in many of the programmes the time can be mostly at home) for a minimum of 2 months (up to about 6 months for some programmes). It is your chance to take positive steps to reach optimum health. These programmes will address those health issues which have taken your lifetime to build up and you will need to give your body this time to start to repair and regenerate.

Please contact me to arrange an initial consultation and discussion about which Programme would be best suited to your needs. If you would like to change the way you feel, then get in touch and book your consultation today.

Introductory Offer – The first 10 people who commit to following any one of the programmes from January 2013 will receive a special offer discount. Contact me today to book you consultation and find out more!

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