Norma Mulholland, BSc, MA, BA(Hons), Lic.Ac.,

Alongside a long career as a nurse and a midwife, and seeing members of my own family and friends struggling with various illnesses, I became interested in other forms of health care and trained as a reflexologist and later as an acupuncturist, both of which I found have helped me personally when I began to have my own health problems due to working shifts. I started to look for ways to improve my own health which did not involve medication or any of the side effects which many medicines have. Though I mainly prefer to treat my own health with food, sufficient fluid (mainly water) and exercise, I found that at times of stress when life is bombarding us with difficulties, I sought extra help in the form of complementary/alternative/natural therapies. Though I have the greatest respect for members of the medical profession, I believe it is our own individual responsibility to stay as healthy as possible. For me, this means knowing my own body, it’s limits and it’s strengths

I am qualified and licensed in the following, each of which can be used for different health problems and illnesses and some of which can be used together to speed up the process of healing. All these therapies can be used alongside traditional medical treatments and it is up to the individual to inform their doctor as these therapies may affect dosages of drugs, etc.

I am at present working at Essentials Health and Beauty Clinic in Hinckley (01455 230747) and work voluntarily at the Warwickshire Association for the Blind.

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