I offer several different therapies, each of which can be used for different health problems and illnesses and some of which can be used together to speed up the process of healing. All these therapies can be used alongside traditional medical treatments and it is up to the individual to inform their doctor as these therapies may affect dosages of drugs, etc.

Acupuncture (Five Element) which is planned round your individual body’s or emotional needs and helps get the body back in balance so it is able to heal itself. See NICE guidelines for back pain. This can be done without using needles.

Low level light therapy – puts light into the cells to stimulate healing, reduce inflammation and pain, and improve blood flow and circulation – a gentle and relaxing form of treatment.

Auricular (ear) acupuncture/acupressure – where ear ‘seeds’ (small plasters containing tourmaline) are placed on the outside of the ear over acupuncture points to stimulate healing

Moxa therapy – warming of acupuncture points with a herb (mugwort) to help increase blood circulation and may boost the immune system

Gua Sha – stroking with pressure over painful areas, such as that caused by whiplash, back pain and strains. Stress is a major cause of shoulder and back pain and Gua Sha can help reduce it’s impact on our bodies. It’s effect is often immediate and can reduce pain and allow normal circulation to be resumed by increasing oxygen to the site of injury, thus helping restore normal function to the area. The process takes only a few minutes and may be all you need to help reduce your pain.

Reflexology – massage and stimulation of acupuncture points and reflex areas on the feet to reduce stress and thus help with pain relief and sleep problems.

Acutaping – the application of tape to reduce pain and muscle spasm, improve weak muscles, and stimulate the immune system and blood circulation.

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